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“3D Digital CT is an essential part for implant surgery. With a new low radiation digital CT we can achieve the most accurate planning and successful treatment.”

“3D Digital CT is becoming the standard of care in the placement of dental implants. It provides invaluable information for important anatomic structures.”

“Proper implant treatment planning is the first priority for implant success. Traditional X-rays are limited by film size, image distortion, magnification, a subpar 2D view.”

  smilewave implant dentistry offers the finest modern implant dentistry.


Experience Smilewave Blueprint Implant Dentistry!

3D Digital CT: Surgical Predictability for Dental Implants.
    (These advanced images provide complete 3D views of critical anatomy so that we can achieve the most accurate planning and
     successful treatment for our patients. Thorough analysis of the bone structure and tooth orientation optimizes implant treatment.)
Custom abutment for highly esthetic, functional, and hygienic dental implant restoration.
   (While prefabricated abutments may be cheaper & quicker to do, they rarely provide the type of results that the patients expect. 
     We use custom abutments for all dental implant restoration for our patients. Custom abutments follow natural tooth anatomy.)
Minimum Bleeding & Swelling with Dental Laser (Waterlase) Technology.
    (Due to its conservative, gentle cutting action and coagulation capabilities, the dental laser performs 
     many implant surgical procedures with little or no bleeding and less post-operative swelling.)
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