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Dental Implant Fee Schedule

  Implant Consultation (Includes 3D Digital CT):
  Single Implant Package (Back Tooth):
  Single Implant Package (Front Tooth):
 Bone Graft:
  Sinus Lift:
  Surgical Guide:
  3D Digital CT Data Copy:
  Add $200 (Custom Zirconia Abutment)
  $250 - 650
  $1,700 - 2,350
  $95 - 295
  $50 (per tooth)
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  Digital Panoramic X-ray Copy:
1st Appointment: Implant Consultation
2nd Appointment: Impressions( for model of your dentition)

Dr. Chun believes that creating a comprehensive blueprint for implant dentistry is a necessary approach to dental implantation and is critical to its success. We do not start any dental work without first completing this entire process. This same principle is applied when building a house. A foundation would never be poured up without a plan for house size and location. A blueprint is essential for building a beautiful house. The dental implant procedure works exactly the same way. With your unique dental model, we create a dental blueprint for the crown size and location before placing the dental implant. Following this process will make our dental implant procedure very predictable and precise with no guess work!

3rd Appointment:  Implant Surgery

At your surgery appointment we are ready to place dental implants with an accurate blueprint surgical guide. You may eat a regular diet prior to your surgery. Have your prescriptions filled ahead of time. You may drive yourself, however in some cases we do indicate the support of a driver. We will be utilizing monitor throughout your surgery, therefore we request the following:

  1. 1.No make-up

  2. 2.No Jewelry

  3. 3.No nail polish or artificial fingernails

If you wear dentures, please bring them with you the day of the surgery.

4th Appointment:  Final Restoration Delivery

We are ready to place your final restoration. Since we followed our blueprint implant process there will be no guessing work. Your final restoration will be very predictable and precise with our signature custom CAD-CAM Custom Abutment and Crown.

Implant blueprint starts here. We begin to evaluate your implant and cosmetic needs. Our 3D Digital CT is an essential part of our treatment planning process. We can see any anatomic limitations and abnormalities accurately in 3D View.  This information optimizes implant treatment and placement, and selection of the most suitable implant type, size, location and angulations prior to surgery. This will determine precise tooth position to visualize impaction within the bone, location relative to adjacent teeth, and proximity to vital structures, such as the nerve canal, sinus walls, and cortical borders.

2nd Appointment:
1st Appointment:
3rd Appointment:
4th Appointment:

  Blueprint Implant Dentistry:        Step By Step Planning Approach

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